Who uses gay as a pejorative in anyway

A microaggression is a largely unconscious indignity perpetrated through language or behavior that degrades socially marginalized groups. Since this article is about the term in general, and not directly about sexuality, shouldn't the Who uses gay as a pejorative in anyway flag be removed from the intro?

In such debates, I have normally defended these articles; I agree with James Hillman that words aren't made-up trivialities, but rather are both objects and subjects—"personal presences which have whole mythologies," he writes—and therefore have qualities that cannot be conveyed through dictionary pragmatics and that, therefore, can be expressed on Wikipedia without violating its not-a-dictionary policies.

What a person does in private with other consenting adults not only is none of my business, but I really, really really don't want to know.

The problem is that in an encyclopedia you're only allowed to scope the article to be one meaning of the article name termand anything else can be removed for being off-topic. Yes, "gay" IS the common word for homosexual these days. So think before you speak.

Скок Who uses gay as a pejorative in anyway

Let me explain: The reason why "Gay" does not redirect to homosexuality is because the term gay does not necessarily mean homosexuality. These are all stereotypes of gay men, but that doesn't automatically make "gay" a synonym of "fashionable", any more than No Sex Please, We're British makes "British" a synonym Who uses gay as a pejorative in anyway "sexually repressed".

We would need more evidence. Please read my comments more carefully before arguing against something I didn't say. Hi Nicola, As a person of multiple-minority status, I understand the anger that comes of being subjected to microaggressions including supposedly harmless language regularly.

This is not an excuse for bad behavior, but an invitation for us to see ourselves our own missteps, foolishness, insults etc. If I'm insufferably too sensitive, then so be it.

If parents increasingly stretch the boundaries and back off from minor battles, the major battles may only get bigger. I've heard "gay" used in this sense "something stupid or unfortunate" by rather young grade school kids who -- I think -- do not have a clear understanding of the sexual meaning of the term as used in other contexts.

Was reading here :. Well, a bit anyway. It might yield some empathy or insight into the objections that other folks are raising here. Many would see no problem with a shift driven by everyday speech.

Who uses gay as a pejorative in anyway

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  • Well, a bit anyway. Over time it came to be used to describe a sexual orientation. Now – for many at I share its view that the young people using the word gay negatively are not necessarily homophobic. There is . I only started noticing its pejorative usage much later, the late 90s or thereabouts. Reply. Mr. Stern is gay, and so is his brother, who adopted the boy with his partner and lives down the hall. its judicial effect stripped the word “gay” of any derogatory connotation. “If I were gay and someone used that word in a negative context, . It isn't in anyway a social commentary about anyone's views of.
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  • Early Usage of word Gay. I just want to add this info to the section about the usage of the word It isn't that much big of a deal anyway. .. Then maybe earlier uses of gay and the pejorative non-sexualized usage can be moved into a new. "That's so gay" is always pejorative, always harmful, and always homophobic. It is especially harmful for kids struggling with their sexuality who.
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