Sites at venues frequented by gay men and other MSM

With the increasing size of the place of residence also, the odds of bSTI diagnosis increased. There has been less research into the association of physical and virtual venues and risk for bacterial sexually transmitted infections bSTIsand not much has been published on these issues among European MSM.

The authors would like to acknowledge the work of Michael Bochow who designed and conducted several previous German MSM sites at venues frequented by gay men and other MSM since the late s and who contributed to this survey with his advice and support.

Compared with meeting partners online, sex OR 1. There are several limitations to consider when interpreting the results of our analysis. Sampling men who have sex with men: strategies for a telephone survey in urban areas in the United States.

Statistical analysis In bivariate sites at venues frequented by gay men and other MSM, we first looked—stratified by HIV status—at distribution by venues where the last AI partner was met, taking meeting partners online as the reference group.

Although the cities were geographically and sociodemographically diverse, extrapolation to all U. Some materials were developed specifically for HIV-positive gay men. It can be passed from person to person through direct contact with a chancre primary stage or rash sites at venues frequented by gay men and other MSM stage.

Correct and consistent condom use for all sexual activities remains a primary means for preventing STBBIs including syphilis Footnote This includes a range of social, economic and structural conditions that contribute to gay men and other MSMs' experiences of health and illness, choices available to them, and their ability to control and act on decisions to achieve positive health outcomes.

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Correspondence to Dr U Marcus; ed. Provenance and peer review: Not commissioned; externally peer reviewed. The difference between cruisers and multivenue users was near significance.

  • Gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men MSM represent an incredibly diverse community. The resources on this page provide an overview of the impact of STDs on MSM as well as prevention and treatment information.
  • Michelle L. Among community venue—attending MSM in five cities in , approximately one in eight had an extragenital chlamydial or gonococcal infection.

The interaction between pattern of venue use and frequency of venue use was not significant and therefore was not retained in the final model. Model 1 assumes that the distinct distribution patterns of the explanatory variables we looked at are intrinsic characteristics associated with meeting venues; for example, sex venues and social venues for MSM are generally localised in larger cities; sex venues are predominantly frequented by men engaging in sex with multiple partners, and serostatus disclosure is uncommon; meeting partners online or on smartphone apps allows a relatively anonymous discussion of HIV serostatus, serostatus concordance and condom use before having sexual intercourse; private sex parties are often organised on the basis of HIV serostatus concordance of participants.

Smartphone applications helping to localize and communicate with potential partners are hypothesised to contribute to this because they may help to increase partner numbers.

Sites at venues frequented by gay men and other MSM

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